Get a leg up on shorts season
  • Kayla Kienzle

    Say hello to shorts season. Ah, summer; the time of the year to bare it all, ready or not. Summer means two things for certain: skin and sun. Shorts and skirts will be plentiful. When the weather’s too hot and you have to show off your legs, make sure they’re ready for the spotlight.

    Its no secret tanned legs appear slimmer and more toned. Body builders have used techniques to define muscles for years and now, with self-tanners it can be done at home. Instead of frying skin in a tanning bed, trade up for a harmless and sunless spray tan. Companies like VersaSpa and Mystic Tan offer booths right here in Ames. “Anytime I have to get ready for a formal or other big event and I know I’m going to have to show a lot of skin, I usually get a spray tan the day before. It makes my skin pretty dark,” said Jackie Mason, junior in journalism and mass communication. Tanning salons in the Ames area also sell several lotions that enhance tans. Putting it on a certain area of the body can help that area look more defined.

    Sunless tanning is usually a quicker alternative as well. “It takes about 10 minutes max while I’m in the booth,” Mason said.

    For those who want maximum results without going to the salon, sunless tanning at home has evolved. Fear no more, with the right techniques, the orange glow can be prevented. At almost any drugstore, for less than $10, quality self-tanners can be found. A favorite of ISDStyle is L’Oreal Sublime Bronze. The gel dries quickly and gives immediate results. Using two self-tanners in two different colors helps add definition. Apply the lighter coat first and let dry, if necessary repeat applications until the all-over color is dark enough. Next, apply the darker color in areas that need most enhanced. For example, applying the color on the outer thighs will help add definition, even if it is an optical illusion.

    It’s hard not to notice tanned toned legs. Get a leg up on shorts season by doing sculpting exercises, especially for leg muscles. Squats are sure to tone, however, when done using one leg, maximum results can occur. Squats are the go-to exercise for athletes when strengthening leg muscles and sure to tone. “All power comes from your legs, we do squats almost every day we lift and increase the weight,” said Walter Woods, member of the ISU football team. Take it from an athlete who has seen results, squats work. Lunges, walking or weighted will also help tone upper thigh muscles. Other exercises that involve cardio like jump roping will also help build muscle and burn fat.

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