Museum-quality fashion to be on display
  • The bright lights of the runway may have dimmed for Iowa State’s apparel, merchandising and design program, but the students’ work will not quite leave the limelight as the winning garments will be displayed in the Mary Alice Gallery in Morrill Hall this summer.

    The exhibit will include a gown that transforms from hooded to free-flowing, a dark dress that opened to reveal a colorful interior and a feathery frock that captured the heart of Stephens Auditorium. From the balcony in the 2,600-seat theater, details in many pieces were lost in the flashbulbs, but the exhibit, opening April 30, will give fashion followers a chance to see the garments up close.

    Every year, the Fashion Show’s gallery and display committee works to create visually stimulating displays, and the Mary Alice Gallery is the members’ final project.

    Marcus Galvin, senior in apparel, merchandising, design and production, said the group has been creating presentations throughout the semester, citing two separate windows in LeBaron Hall.

    “Our main display located in LeBaron featured a cutout of the fashion show logo with lime green as our background color,” Galvin said. “We incorporated illusions by using old books that we folded the pages into different shapes, which were then painted lime green as well.”

    Over the next two weeks, however, the group will begin to design and mount its exhibit in Morrill Hall.

    “It is the gallery and display committee’s responsibility to check out the space ahead of time to have an idea of how we want to display the different mannequins,” Galvin said.

    Carleigh Rose, one of the two gallery and display directors along with Anna Moody, both seniors in apparel, merchandising, design and production, said the exhibit will focus on two of the winning senior lines, “Aurora Borealis” by 
Jennifer Schildberg and “Design Decision” by Kaitlyn Clevenstine.

    However, Rose will be put in a unique spot this year because as her and Annihka Murray’s dress, “Bric-a-brac Bouquet,” won awards in digital print, wearable art and also was judged best in show, it also will be included in the gallery.

    “I will be excited to see it on display,” Rose said. “When working on the display, I will have to step back and let others judge its location because I don’t want to overthink where it should go.”

    Pieces from the Fashion Show 2012 will be displayed at the Mary Alice Gallery in Morrill Hall from April 30 until Aug. 24. The gallery is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.

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