In Love with Rouge in Love
  • My experiences with trying long ware lip ware have led to heartbreaking disappointment. Product after product, brand after brand promising me hours upon hours of use only to come off after my first cup of morning coffee. Or worse, stain my lips so badly it looks like I’ve lushed over glasses of red wine.

    It was the Monday of all Mondays. From noon to six I had class, studying, a group presentation, a quick workout then dinner with friends. This busy day, I thought, would be perfect for putting Lancôme’s newest creation Rouge in Love to the true test – would it really last the as promised six hours?

    To be fair, my last task before jetting out the door was applying the product. To my pleasant surprise the lipstick left my lips feeling moisturized. An hour later I found myself in need of an energy boost so I ordered a cup of coffee. After I finished it I looked in the mirror and voila! My lips had just much color upon application. As I continued onto my daily grind I checked up on the wear was two hours later after a quick workout. Rouge in Love didn’t disappoint, after a quick yoga class I was on my way to continue my busy day. When it was finally time to meet my friends I was pleased to say the color had lasted the entire day.

    Whether you’re a young professional, a college student with a packed schedule, or just a girl that needs a lipstick to last her the entire night Rouge in Love by Lancôme will not let you down. With over 21 shades to chose from ranging from corals to berries to neutrals you’ll find the perfect pigment that suits you. You can find the product online or at your local Lancôme counter.

    Photo by Allison Butler

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