Why we love: Dark lips
  • Although hard to admit, everyone loves a little drama. Instead of adding drama to life, add drama to your face with a dark shade of lip color. Colored lips add high impact to any face.

    Done right, a painted pout can be the focus of any face. This spring, red has been reinvented and has been seen on numerous runways. Many of Christian Dior’s models have flaunted the rouge pout. With endless ways to wear colors like pop art red, metallic crimson and even dark chocolate hues have been spotted.

    Sporting a bright lip color can be the icing on the cake for any look. There is no specific art to applying color, but there are some basic dos and don’ts.

    Deeper hues usually go well with bronze and less dramatic eyes. Dark-skinned women look best in deep hues. Deep reds pair well with smoky eyes and are the perfect addition to colored cheeks as well. Those with olive skin look best in fire-engine reds. Pink shades couple with shimmery eyes and blushing cheeks. Cherry tones also work well with pink-skinned women.

    If you want to keep your look simple, only play up one feature at a time. Mascara is always appropriate with any lip color, but fake eyelashes will become too distracting paired with intense lips. It’s important to choose one focal point, for example a heavily shadowed eye with fake lashes is too distracting with dark lips.

    Test several shades to ensure you are adding the correct amount of color. Shades such as black will look too severe and possibly scary. To vary shades or to get a lighter color, apply with the ring finger. To make lip color last longer, lining lips is no longer necessary. Instead, dust translucent powder around edges to help shades stay put. Test out many shades to see which one works best for you; either way, colored lips are sure to add some glam to your next look.

    Our favorite is Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick. It goes on smooth and buttery and looks glossy while plumping lips. The stain also last for hours. Dior Addict is sold in a variety of shades for $30 at Sephora and other beauty stores.

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