5 ways to use petroleum jelly in your beauty routine
  • It might sound strange, but a small jar of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly only costs about $3 and you probably already have it in your medicine cabinet. So why not put it to good use in your daily beauty routine?

    1. Mend stubborn split ends: Wash your hair in the evening before bed. Apply a little just to the ends of your damp hair and let air dry. About twice a week is all you need to help battle stubborn split and dry ends.

    2. Soften rough skin: Use as lotion on dry parts of skin like elbows, heels, lips or where ever your skin is feeling the dry winter blues.

    3. Remove makeup: Best for removing eye makeup. Rub on eyes and gently wipe off with a warm washcloth. This is great for removing heavy mascara and eyeliner, even waterproof.

    4. Eyebrow grooming: Dab along the arch of the brows and comb out with an eyebrow comb to help give your brows some arch and dimention.

    5. Revive your cuticles: Rub a small dot on your fingernails and all around the cuticle. It will help your nails shine and bring your dry cuticles back to life.

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  • Theresa Kusterbeck 02.22.2012

    on your vaseline info my great aunt used vaseline on her face and at the age of 75 she did not have one wrinkle

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