Five best products for chapped Winter lips
  • Origins Lip Remedy

    With the days of summer now behind us, and the harsh winter months upon us, it is now time to worry about how to protect our faces and lips and keep them fresh with the harsh elements that accompany this time of year. Wind, winter sunshine and dropping temperatures, are all culprits for the dreaded dry, cracked and chapped lips. If only our lips could stay as fresh as they are in the summer months all year round. Look no further; we have the best lip care guide that will get you through these cruel months with irresistibly, kissable lips.

    Origins Lip Remedy

    Raved about by consumers, Origins Lip Remedy has been one of the most recommended products for dry, chapped lips. Fighting the chap with the best elements of nature, this lip savor is made with menthol and camphor. These ingredients sink right into lips to soothe, comfort and relieve those painfully cracked, chapped all winter long. Not only do the elements in this remedy relieve your chap, but it protects your luscious lips all winter long from the harsh elements of the season. Going for $12.50 a tube, make sure to get your Lip Remedy before it’s too late!

    C.O. Bigelow’s Rose Salve

    Another favored pick, the ever-so-popular rose salve is known to be a dependable product for this time of year. This famous lip saver has been around since the early day and never disappoints. Made with extra-soothing rose extract, used to help ease irritation and condition lips, this salve doesn’t only save and protect your lips, but adds a little color to make your lips look fabulous. While saving lips is its main function, this product maybe used also on face, cuticles, elbows, knees or wherever you have some dry patches. This multi purpose product is available for just $5.50 at Bath and Body works and various department stores.

    Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

    A #1 seller since 1969, Kiehl’s lip balm is a classic treatment that never fails. Formulated with soothing ingredients such as sweet almond oil and vitamins A and E, this lip treatment protects against the drying effects winter can bring to your lips. Favored by both men and women, this durable, perfectly textured product is one to be sure and pick up to save those smackers this winter. Available for $7 a tube or $7.50 a jar at various department stores.

    Mac Lip Conditioner

    A trusty brand for your make up and now the safety of your lips, Mac’s lip conditioner has been a popular pick for locking in moisture and taking care of repair. Containing almond oil, Shea butter, avocado extract and multiple vitamins, this conditioner does its job alone or under lipstick to protect your pucker. Although this magic maker is petroleum based, it is not goopy like other lip products and goes on smooth to keep your kiss irresistible. Available for $15. And for added moisture and protection, try Mac’s prep and prime lip primer to keep your lips extra safe from the harsh winter winds and the extra chapping and cracking.

    Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

    Chemical free and natural, Fresh cosmetics made this lip treatment that has been sought after by cracked and chapped lips everywhere. Including an SPF along with reparative oils, real sugars, and a plumping agent, this treatment hydrates and nourishes lips all year round and takes extra precaution through the driest of months. Although a little pricier than other lip treatments, this product has all natural ingredients and keeps lips looking fresh everyday. Sold at $21, available at Sephora and various department stores.


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