Men’s style guide
  • Dressing to impress

    There are some occasions where sweaters just won’t cut it.  For big events like weddings, formals, anniversary and birthday parties, it is important to look the part with a stylish outfit that will complement your age.

    The best part of this outfit is the fact that it’s dressy enough without being too stuffy. The pants are a “Ballin Classic” flat-front trouser in a deep charcoal. The charcoal color gives it the edge needed for a formal occasion, but the flat-front style offers the trouser with no pleat, giving it the ability to transfer into a casual outfit.

    The red button-down adds youth with the paisley cuffs. Like the trouser, this shirt is fit for formal and casual occasions. For a night with the boys, wear it with jeans. To finish the formal look, simply pair it with a black dress coat and belt.

    • Most importantly — Be sure the purchased clothes are fitted to your body
    • Iron pants and button-down to make sure they are wrinkle free
    • Invest in a good pair of shoes
    • Don’t give in to trends and buy pieces that will build a versatile and classic wardrobe
    Clothing courtesy of Moorman Clothiers
    1. Visconti Solid with Paisley Cuff Red in Large  $95.00
    2. J & M Black Smooth Leather belt $69.50
    3. Ballin Classic flat-front in Charcoal $175.00
    4. Visconti Corded Micro Coat black in Large $195.00

    Casual dressing

    Not much is needed to create a casual outfit perfect for many occasions that will make you stand out and look stylish.

    Guys: We know you love your hoodies and tennis shoes, but for occasions requiring more “grown-up” attire, create a casual and stylish look with a few must-have pieces for the season.

    The dress shirt and sweater combination is a versatile look that transitions easily from class during the day to night-time events such as dinner at a nice restaurant, a business or work function or a night out on the town.

    The dress shirt adds flair and sophistication to a causal outfit under either a crew-neck, half-zip sweater or even a cardigan for a polished and trendy look. To add a touch of fun, try mixing in patterns or geometric shapes.

    Pair this combination with a pair of relaxed straight-fit or slim-cut jeans in a dark wash for a more dressy look, or try a lighter wash for a look to be more casual. No matter how stylish you look, without the correct fit of jeans the outfit won’t work as a whole.

    Add a belt in a complimenting color to pull your outfit together. Your belt can be an accent to your outfit, giving it another element of style, or it can simply serve as a way to avoid the unattractive mishap we all know can result from not wearing one.

    Complete your casual look with a pair of shoes — something other than what you wear to the gym — that work well with the colors in your outfit. Create a funky vibe with a pair of trendy sneakers or slip-ons, or tone it down with solid-color loafers.

    With all of these tips combined, you will be sure to look the part for your next casual occasion. Just remember to keep it simple, use layers and include your personal style.

    Clothing courtesy of Ayden Lee
    1. Black half-zip sweater $39.95
    2. Light pink button-down dress shirt $50
    3. Jeans $39.95
    4. Belt $24.95

    Article by ISD Style writers:
    Haley Spector and Alissa Knutson

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